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Coffee Machine Cleaner & Descaler

  • Fume free
  • Removes bean oil & limescale
  • Suitable for most coffee machines
  • Prolongs and protects machines

Clean & Protect

Coffee Machine Cleaner & Descaler

  • Improved performance for better tasting coffee
  • No after taste
  • Safe to use
  • Cruelty Free certified
Improved Performance For Better Tasting Coffee


To clean and descale coffee machines:

  • Pour 500ml of warm water into water reservoir and mix in 1 dose.
  • Follow manufacturer’s cleaning instructions.
  • Process will vary by machine type.
  • Ensure the machine is thoroughly flushed through with clean water before making a coffee

To clean componentry parts:

  • Pour 1 dose and 500ml of warm water into an empty bowl/sink
  • Place dip tray and other parts into solution to soak
  • Soak a cloth/sponge in the solution and wipe around undetachable areas like the nozzle and external part
  • Test on an inconspicuous area first.


  • Each bottle has three doses
  • The side of the bottle shows each dose level
  • Dosage strip added for easy measuring

See KNAUS® In Action

How to clean and descale your cherished Coffee Machine

How to clean your coffee machine parts

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