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Intense Oven Cleaner

  • Attacks grease & burnt on food
  • Fume free formula
  • Cleans all internal surfaces
  • Use with oven bag

Clean & Protect

Intense Oven Cleaner

  • No streaks or residue
  • Removes cooking odour
  • Leaves your oven clean
  • Cruelty Free certified
For A Grime Free Interior


To clean grease and burnt on food debris from oven:

  • Ensure you are wearing suitable gloves
  • Pour 1 dose into the centre of the oven
  • Use a clean cloth/sponge to spread across the inside of the oven and glass door.
  • Leave for at least two hours
  • For stubborn burnt on debris leave overnight
  • Remove with a cloth/sponge and rinse thoroughly


  • Each bottle has two doses
  • The side of the bottle shows each dose level
  • Dosage strip added for easy measuring

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